Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Runway Is, Again, My Rock

If you missed this week's Project Runway, fear not. Trust, it'll be on about 10 times a day until the Earth stops rotating on its axis.

Without giving too much away.... Aw, who cares. You snooze, you lose.

I have been saying FROM THE VERY BEGINNING that Daniel Vosovic is this year's Jay. Minus the bitchiness. Not that Jay's bitchiness wasn't endearing, especially since it was directed at Wendy. Gotta love Jay. Kind of.

But, back to Daniel V.

It's official.

Daniel V. is the most websearched name in Project Runway history. Yahoo. Google. And your's truly's blog. More people click on this damn blog searching for Daniel Vosovic.

Even more than "it hurts when I f-ck her". Without the quotations. Apparently, in some entry the words "it," "hurts," "when," "I," "f-ck" and "her" appear close enough together, that a number of people have been sent here via google and yahoo.

No really. I'm totally serious.

My family would be so proud. Even prouder than if I decided that the whole homosexual thing wasn't working out and decided to start holding hands with girls. In the biblical sense. But, then again, they're all Buddhists, so I don't know what kind of "sense" that would be.

So anyway. Daniel Vosovic. Hottie. Gay? Bi? Naked? Love. Sex. Boyfriend.

(Sorry, I just want to see how the search engines love that one.)

Really now, he seems like the kind of guy that everyone would want to hang out with. That one friend that's friends with everyone. The sweet guy with the shoulder to weep softly on.

It must really be awkward now though, I would imagine. According to a Blogging Project Runway source, Daniel V. has been incommunicado whereas other Runway contestants seem quite open to all the hoopla and popularity. Then again, people are posting his high school yearbook photos and random snapshots and Daniel sightings and apparently searching every nook and cranny of the internet to find something about him.

On a side note, I kind of wouldn't mind having a stalker. But not the once-a-week-mandated-intensive-therapy-by-the-courts-soon-to-be-committed kind of stalker. I want one of those once-a-month-group-therapy-just-to-kind-of-check-in kind of stalker. You know, someone to make the t-shirts and start the fan club and do all the mailings and send me different kinds of teas to sample. That kind.

So...the Runway.

As soon as I saw the previews, Santino's dress stuck out like a sore thumb. He chose the exact same material that Austin used for the 'auf whatever-ed' Grammy Dress that Nancy O'Dell wasn't too keen on. Exact same material.

As much as I think Daniel V. is going to win the whole she-bang-she-bang...

Andrae's dress seemed to be a clear winner.

I'll admit that I thought that Andrae was riding D.V.'s success. The lingerie challenge. The B. R. Challenge (Or from here on out, The Challenge That Shall Not Be Named). But, Andrae really pulled this one out. He turned a sewer water runoff pic into a truly amazing masterpiece.

I really hope that Nick pulls out of the rut he was put in by Zuzu (or from here on out, She Who Shall Not Be Named). I'm ready to make the prediction that the Final Three should be Nick, Daniel V and Chloe. Kara is out next. Then Andrae. Santino makes it to the Final Four, but gets edged out by Nick at the finish line. And from there, it's truly a toss-up. If some kind of shakeup happens, then it'll involve Andrae, Santino and Nick. But Daniel V seems to be a lock for the Fantastic Four. He's won more challenges than anyone by far and Michael and Nina and the producers can't oust him.

Invested? You bet your bottom dollar I am.

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DUnumber44 said...

I too thought that Andrae was the clear winner, but what do I know about fashion? I just know what I like and don't like. No Parson's school for me.
Dang it! I was only visitor #998. Damn Damn Damn!!!
I am not gonna lie, I could have a drink right now even though it is only 11:11 in the morning. But it's almost 4 am in Melbourne, Australia so I'm good, right?